Tsm slot of library is inaccessible

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Save money by reducing slot usage and extend the life of your tape library. Autovault Features Chart If you’re struggling to stay within your library’s capacity, you can eject TDP media and archives to an onsite vault while the rest of your data is routed to its normal offsite vault. TSMAdmin: 2007 They do state that you can execute more than one restore simultaneously, but in every DR exercise I have run that would just cause tape contention since I do not collocate by file space. Texas Holdem for iPhone Free Texas Holdem for iPhone Free. Don't Miss Out!

I am getting this message from tsm everyday & most of the time for the same volume : ANR1081E Space reclamation is ended for volume 006073. Storage media is inaccessible what is this message related to & how can i find out what is the problem with this volume. can any one provide me the insight of this.

Using the TSM Client Command Line Interface for Backup ... This section will first provide an introduction to the TSM Command Line Interface (CLI) and then describe how to manually back up and restore files on the local machine. The screen shots and descriptions that follow may refer to older TSM clients, but with the exception of the file specifications the syntax is generic to all platforms.

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The SHOW SLOTS information is stored in the temporary server cache and is re-initialized each time the Tivoli Storage Manager Server is started. During initialization of the library, the status of the slots in the library is SCSI_SLOT_ALLOCATED. This means the slot was not empty but there is no other information about the volume in this slot. Managing Volumes in Automated Libraries Managing Volumes in Automated Libraries. TSM tracks the scratch and private volumes available in an automated library through a library volume inventory. TSM maintains an inventory for each automated library. The library volume inventory is separate from the inventory of volumes for each storage pool. TSM Backup Service: Checking In/Out Volumes In addition there are four "mail slots", one of which is usable with TSM for checking individual tapes into and out of the library. While it is possible to remove or insert an entire 15 slot magazine, this is usually inconvenient, time consuming and requires careful tracking of the cartridge locations. TSM commands needed to move tapes in and out of library ... Regular TSM commands I use to manipulate tapepool volumes in and out of library when slots are full and TSM asks for a volume during reclamation. move media * stg=tapepool days=number of days This command will checkout tapes that have been inactive for the number of days entered. It will continue to checkout tapes until…

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ANR8955I Drive RMT0 in library LTO6LIB with serial number is ... volume B00019L6 from drive RMT2 to slot 4110 in library LTO6LIB. ... ANR4615E The server is unable to restore the database due to inaccessible media. Tivoli Storage Manager library configuration with TS3310 ... With the IBM TS3310 (3576) and the ADIC Scalar i500 tape libraries an additional step is needed when checking in or labeling tapes via the bulk slots. 1: Volumes need to be placed into the library BULK I/O slots and then on the library panel, these volumes need to be assigned to the library. ANR8386W Slot 0 of library PHL3592 is inaccessible | ADSM ... My TSM checkin does work but starting yesterday I see the below messages regarding slot 0, can anyone tell me what is wrong with slot 0? 04/09/10 08:41:15 ANR8386W Slot 0 of library PHL3592 is inaccessible.